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Townsquared User Personas



Townsquared, the online network for local businesses, came to me looking for a clearer definition about their audience. I set out to create a set of user personas that would serve as a compass for product and marketing decisions. These personas are used as a guide for new employees to understand the company's user base and are referred to in team brainstormings, and along the UX research process. 



From 40 interviews to a set
of 4 Personas

The people shown below are just a small sample out of the 40 user interviews with small business owners across the Bay Area and New York City; their industries vary from naturopathic medicine, bicycle building, baking and clothing retail.


the result

Characters in the
small business ecosystem

The documentation around these user types is now used at Townsquared as a guide for new employees to understand their audience, in team brainstormings around new features, an play a key role in the research process, allowing us to put participants in general persona buckets and helping us better understand insights.  View more details by clicking on the images below.



Next Steps

Identify new characters & refine

As Townsquared refines it's model and develops new features, it must begin to consider additional characters more carefully. With the new work that has been done, Staff have become players that require a deeper understanding. 


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