Townsquared My Business


Townsquared: My Business

the Problem

How might Townsquared infiltrate the internal operations of Small Businesses to create a new indispensable tool for SMB operations?


My Role

Customer Discovery Research
Product Strategy

The impact

The app is currently used by 5,000+ Small Businesses and all their employees. Townsquared founders have since then established a new company with this product and raised Series A capital.



Research Phase

Over 50 in person user interviews

I met with dozens of SMB owners and staff to understand the internal operations challenges we could potentially intervene in, observing their environment and probing broadly about what it's like to run a small business. 


I’m here 7 days a week and it’s by design, this is how I know that everything is running smoothly.

Laurie Thomas
Rose Pistola


I’d love to meet someone who runs a REALLY large business and see how they do it. I have 10 employees and I’m totally overwhelmed! 

Josie Baker
Josie Baker Bread


Sometimes I print stuff, sometimes I send it in an email, it’s hard to know wether one is more likely to be read than the other

Candace Combs
In-Symmetry Wellness & Spa


High level insight

Holding employees accountable and ensuring everyone is on the same page is at the core of SMB operational challenges.


There’s No industry standard

No business is built the same. their operations will vary dramatically from one to the other; there is no rule book or easy answer on Google.

communication is scattered

Communication 'protocols' are all over emails, text messages, post it notes, etc. It is hard to stay on the same page.

There’s a Lack of accountability

Owners feel the need to be in their business so that it runs smoothly, instead of dedicating their time to growing the business. 

access to Technology

Owners and managers often have a different relationship with technology. i.e. Not all staff have smartphones.

Managing staff is overwhelming

Building relationships & good communication with staff is important to managers but it requires lots of time and energy, and is overwhelming.

Information overload

Business owners are constantly receiving information from many different sources, without much control over it.


TS Futures - Prototypes.png

Product Development

25 prototypes for 25 businesses

To develop the ideal feature set, we performed over 25 user testing sessions testing over 15 iterations of the product. Based on the feedback from these sessions, we were able to develop the final feature set for Townsquared My Business.

TSFutures - Mobile Screens.png

The solution

Creating a communication tool for
Small Business

From over 25 prototype testing sessions where we tested a large spectrum of features, we identified the minimum features that would provide small businesses with the operational value they're looking fro this product. First version of this product is currently in Beta. 


Key Features


Topics & DM's

The ability to create multiple chat rooms under specific topics and message specific people, all in one place.


The Chat 

Spaces where staff share/find information based on what topics they've been invited to. 



The ability to create, assign, prioritize and receive notifications related to specific tasks.


Text Messaging Integration

Allow employees who don’t have a smart phones to participate in important conversations.


Important messages flow

Making sure time sensitive information is read first.


Important task flow

Making sure staff know what to do and when they need to do it.


Log in flow

Using familiarity to other business softwares to engage staff


Next Steps


In order for Townsquared to become the SMB dashboard, we will need to allow integrations to other software to be overlayed into this communication platform.