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The Townsquared Homepage

A brand new face


To get to the new homepage design, I ran a set of user testing sessions with a variety of medium fidelity prototypes, probing on test subjects around their understanding of what the website is for and for who. Based on their feedback, we made visual and language decisions that contributed to an increase in conversion metrics, from a 4% to a 11%.




A new information architecture

One of the key goals of this redesign was to boost the Townsquared's visibility through search engines optimization and we began to tackle that problem by creating a new IA that allows for an ever growing SEO and content strategy.


Top Nav

Bottom Nav



Learning to speak to our audience

We tested several versions of the website making sure we were talking to the right audience. We developed a series of screener questions and used usertesting.com to source small business owners around the US who had never heard of Townsquared before.



The Low-fi prototypes

A selection of the Balsamiq sketches created to outline some of the possible layouts and content for the homepage. Based on these wires we developed higher res screens to use in user testing sessions.



The Mid-fi Prototypes

Mid fidelity screens showed in different user interviews to gauge the type of content that is most valuable to new users. 



The Hero Section

We chose to evoke the warm & fuzzy feelings in our visitors with a variety of images of business owners; part of this project was to customize content based on the users IP address, providing them with local content that is more likely to engage them.
As soon as a user shows the intent of signing up, we make sure to focus on that experience, avoiding drop-off in that first step. 



The Device Section

We chose to combine the device imagery with the Townsquared explainer video with the hope of answering the question of 'What is this for'.


Use cases & fresh content

To present a variety of use-cases, we built a carrousel that scrolls through several conversations, with the intention of answering the question of 'what do I do here?'.
The content section is automatically updated as content is added to the blog, giving the impression that this is an active community, that has relevant and recent content, and there is more where it came from. By recognizing the user's IP address, we are able to show hyper local content.



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