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Key Attributes



" I traded my corporate job for a job managing a shop in the Mission. I wanted to start a retail shop myself, so I decided to learn before making the investment. "



Optimistic and ambitious

Though she does encounter bad days (like all business owners) she is hardly worn down on her motivations to succeed; she knows how to fall and rise back up with all her energy, coming out of it with valuable lessons.


She dislikes clutter & noise which is why she ignores generic guides and resources, but when she finds exclusive information she cannot find anywhere else, it is hard to ignore. 

Her Attitude is...



If it solves a very specific problem for her while also being a way ‘in’ with the community she is so new to.

Townsquared needs to give her access to exclusive information. Urgent Alerts, communication with organizations like merchants associations and other groups represent immediate value to her. 

There is also value if Townsquared helps her be better known by her neighbors and facilitates introductions between her and other neighboring businesses.

Lindsey finds value
in Townsquared...



"I have someone to go to with my business related questions, but when they don’t have the answer, I feel comfortable figuring things out myself."



She is an untapped resource.

As ‘ strategist’ she is an insightful player in the community: we want her to engage and share her knowledge, but she will only do so if she feels the community is just as willing to participate as her.

Lindsey is valuable to Townsquared Because...



She becomes a mentor and not just a mentee.

Though she actively looks for mentorship, because of her empowered position as a resourceful & young entrepreneur, she is also a great mentor to others: she is a source of well informed and/or creative solutions. Recognizing her expertise in the community may increase her desire to participate.

Lindsey is an asset to the community when...



" I made sure we were setting up shop in a trendy location, in a good corner, with good foot traffic and other attractive neighboring businesses."


Talk to her about Townsquared as...

A free source of exclusive information about the community.

Townsquared is a website that keeps you in the loop of what’s happening in the business community in your neighborhood. Urgent Alerts, topic channels (like a merchant’s association, for example) and other specific features will make this a valuable platform for you.



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The Strategic do'er



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