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" I don’t have a straightforward way of finding the information I need about a business question, If I really need help, I’ll hire an expert and it’ll end up costing me a lot of money I don’t have.  "



Look to the past

She tends to look to the past as a better time rather than focusing on adapting and/or evolving her business; this attitude is typically reflected in the business’ public facing image and it’s success.

Optimism Limbo

She is nowhere close to giving up, but she’s too concentrated in keeping the business up and running to have growth goals. She is passionate and hard working, but gets confused when they she has a good month and then has a bad one.

Her Attitude is...



It is a true source of actionable solutions, resources and subject matter experts.

When she he is overwhelmed by the number of issues and possible solutions, she is frozen. She wishes Townsquared gave her actionable solutions, but doesn’t know how to ask for them. She’s not comfortable asking, but will jump at any resource if it is presented to her in a clear, actionable way.

Sharon finds value
in Townsquared...



"I should be out there, developing the business, finding clients, but I’m stuck on shifts here because I can’t really afford to hire more people. "



The majority of business owners are like her, they are the people we set out to empower.

She’s overwhelmed and doesn’t feel empowered to have ambitions for her business, she doesn’t have clarity around what specifically to ask for because there are many issues pressing in from all angles. When prompted, she becomes highly participatory: She craves the potential of Townsquared, and just needs to be nudged in the right direction.

Sharon is valuable to Townsquared Because...



The majority of them will identify and want to engage with her

She represents the majority of our members; when she participates, others identify with her needs and motivations. This empathy for each other lowers the bar for participation, and we want to promote that.

Sharon is an asset to the community when...



" Social media is a big challenge, I don’t understand what the return of investment is; I do it because I’ve been told I should do it but I dont think I’ve gotten a single new client from it."


Talk to her about Townsquared as...

The small business one stop shop.

Townsquared is an online forum for business owners to discuss common interests, challenges and solutions, while enabling you to network with other local business owners like yourself.



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