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Pilot Helios


Pilot Helios

The quick-start guide for
the world's first self driving car


Led a workshop at the IxDA Conference in 2015 with members of Near Future Lab taking on the design fiction approach to focus the conversation, the outcome of the workshop was to create a QuickStart Guide for the first self-driving vehicle., a technology that will substantially change the future of mobility.



a Possible Future

To kickstart the discussion, we brought to the workshop a series of provocations: images of news, media, advertising that paint the picture of a possible future. These images functioned as an imaginary aid for participants to quickly engage in a conversation about the future. 



An Exercise in
Design Futuring

the Introduction

To get participants warmed up for a 2 hour brainstorming session around the future of self driving vehicles, we presented them with a series of (imaginary) images illustrating a possible future, from advertisements about investing in water, to news articles about self driving cars being used to hi-jack a jewelry store. This served as a framework for participants to think of wilder ideas and not be constrained by the current world. 


The Brainstorm

To have a productive and efficient brainstorm, we gave participants a series of categories to think about, such as child safety, parking, overriding and jailbreaking. 


The Documents

The result of the brainstorm was a series of sketches from each team with diagrams, notes and descriptions of possible features and interactions one could have in a self driving vehicle.  




The Pilot Helios Quickstart Guide

We took the sketches from the workshop and translated them into a series of illustrations and flows that comprise the 'Helios: Pilot Quickstart Guide, Powered by Amazon'.


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