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Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams


Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams

Research & rebrand


NERT is a government funded organization primarily associated to the San Francisco Fire Department that trains volunteer civilians to be first responders in case of catastrophic natural events. 


The Problem

The Existing Brand

Nerts lack a cohesive unified brand and public presence. They are unknown in their community, but when brought to attention are very much appreciated. Their current emphasis on the threat of a natural disaster is not an effective marketing strategy. 


1 NERT for ever 275 people

There is only 1 certified NERT for every 275 people in San Francisco. 

7 / 80 people know about NERTS

Out of 80 intercepts performed, only 7 people had heard about the NERT program. 

0 / 20 are prepared for a disaster

Out of 20 interviewed people, none had any formal training for a disaster situation. 



Brand Values

Through brainstorming sessions with the team we developed a series of visual explorations around brand values that helped us define potential brand colors, photography styles, etc.





We wanted to find the typography that would best translate these new brand values on all of their print and web collateral. We went through an exercise of looking at different type face combinations to then choose the most successful one. 

Nert - Type Explorations.png


The Logo

We very quickly decided that an organization like NERT needed a pictorial element to their logo, other than just type. They need a recognizable symbol other than their obscure name. 

Nert - LogoSketches.png


The Result

A New Brand

A brand that is about highlighting community, that is reassuring and informative rather than alarming and difficult to navigate.

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Nert - Typography.png
Nert - Color Swatches.png



What could be

A potential splashpage for Nerts to convey their message in a visually beautiful way, using language that is human and appeals to the good in people. 


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