Events Flow


The Events Flow



Events took a large role in Townsquared's growth strategy which required the design of templates to facilitate the creation of event campaigns across all of Townsquared's geo's as well as to improve conversion from those events. 



The Events Email

Designed and implemented the Marketo e-mail template that community managers currently use to set up event campaigns throughout Townsquared geos. The template contains the key elements needed for this type of campaign: A header image for a compelling photo related to the event, space for a personal message from the Community Manager and a section dedicated to the event speakers and their headshots. This email also carries user data, which passes the information along to the RSVP flow, reducing the amount of friction to RSVP. 



The Events Page

This template was developed to allow Community Managers hosting events to build beautiful and complete event landing pages by themselves in a short amount of time. The purpose of these pages is to attract potential users to Townsquared by offering a free instructional event first, so the main goal is to get people to RSVP to the event, while also learning a bit about Townsquared in the process, facilitating conversion post event. 


RSVP flow

Gathering information for a smoother sign up flow post event.



Next Steps

Sign up to RSVP

This template has been set up so the next step is to require a Townsquared account to RSVP for an event. Allow current users to sign in via the event landing page to RSVP as well as allow new users to automatically create their Townsquared accounts. This sign up flow lens itself for a tailored first time experience, where the user is presented with content we already know they are interested in based on the subject of the event they've just RSVP'd for. 


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