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Beyond Mobility


Audi Fellowship

Beyond Mobility


I was chosen to participate in the Audi Innovation Research Fellowship to explore the car as an interconnected device in the urban fabric. In teams we explored possible futures, potential user experiences and created provocative imagery that has been presented to industry experts from Audi, Yahoo Labs, Branch, among others. 




1960's Perception Transformers / mind expenders

Design collectives like Haus Rucker Co. exhaustively explored methods, objects and spaces that challenge the human perception with the hope of expanding it; making experiences livelier, more intense, more colorful. It is in a way, a form of augmented reality. 



Classic Vehicles

Looking to classic vehicles and why people love them. They were bigger, louder and well, slower; but that is what makes them appealing. Going out in your 1950's Chevy is a leisurely stroll; it is meant to be enjoyed. 







The Final Concept

The Slow Membrane


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