15Five Best-Self Reviews


Best-Self Reviews

Reinventing the annual performance review

In order to take the business to the next level and offer a more competitive solution to our customers, 15Five made the decision to venture into the world of performance reviews. In record time we researched, designed and launched the first version of our Best-Self Review Feature, an entirely new approach to how companies do performance reviews backed by social science research.


Research • Product Design for the Admin experience


This feature has increased our ability to sell to enterprise customers, resulting in a shift in our ideal customer profile and a move towards enterprise Product Design.




Leveraging industry leaders & Social Science Research

To develop an innovative solution for a long standing business practice, we consulted People Ops Executives to understand how performance reviews are typically done as well as how innovative organizations are doing them.

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Information Architecture

Best-Self Reviews are the first feature in which all of our features converge. It capitalizes on the information our end users add over time to make filling out your Best-self review painless..


The Amin Experience

Setting up Best-self Reviews

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Feature Settings

A New Admin Role

As part of the requirements we uncovered from our customers and People Ops leaders, it became clear that a new permission role. It is imperative for companies to keep reviews data confidential and only accessible to select few.


The Admin Experience

Creating Question Templates



Creating Paired Questions

In order to create the best reporting experience at the end of your review, and allow you to compare self and manager review answers, we allow Admins to create questions in pairs. Paired questions are in essence, the same question but written to fit the audience of the review.


Admin Experience

Creating a Review Cycle



Selecting Review Participants

We quickly realized we needed to allow for maximum flexibility with this feature. Though it is best practice to run review cycles at a company-wide level, organizations are not always ready to change their current practices. We created the ability to include or exclude participants from any review cycle while advocating for the best practice.

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The unsexy (but very necessary) stuff


A feature this large and with the number of steps it entails requires dozens of notifications to ensure the entire process is completed on time.